Scientific consultation

HDO (High Definition Oscillometry (VET HDO, S+B medVet GmbH) Blood Pressure Measurement and PWA Pulse Wave Analysis

The VBS Group offers an extensive level of expertise in an array of scientific fields specifically focused on:

  • Blood pressure/Cardiovascular system
    • Non-invasive pulse wave analysis (PWA)
    • Blood pressure measurements (in practice and in clinical and preclinical research)
    • EKG (in practice and in clinical and preclinical research)
  • Physiotherapy
    • General rehabilitation medicine
    • Osteoarthritis and pain management
    • Preventative measures
    • Musculoskeletal and cardiovascular conditioning
    • Weight reduction

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Business planning

Rehab and physical therapy facility
A relaxed patient in the MBST® VET therapy device (MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH).

The VBS Group is happy to offer advise on business related issues.

We are available to assist you whether you are in private practice, a clinic or a business start up!

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Our Services

Scientific consultation

Examples of the services we offer for preclinical and clinical studies include:

  • Guidance on study designs and data analysis
  • Investigator training
  • Monitor feedback
  • Client point of contact

Examples of the services we offer for scientific marketing include:

  • Creation of portfolios
  • Development of concepts

Working as local consultants, we provide support for the implementation of portfolios in the respective country.

Business planning

We can also help you with your business planning:

  • Concept conception and implementation of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in your clinic or practice
  • Necessary equipment planning
  • Planning staff requirements
  • Employee training:
    physiotherapy, rehabilitation, early detection of diseases leading to blood pressure changes, cardiovascular conditioning and monitoring, pulse wave analysis