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CCRP - Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner

CCRP General Information Course Set Up

Presence days

Date Country Location Registration
13.05.-15.05.2022 UK Bucks HP7 0LS Info Lab Days
13.06.-15.06.2022 Slovenia Ravne na Koroškem Info Lab Days
01.09.-03.09.2022 Portugal Azeitao Info Lab Days
23.09.-25.09.2022 Italy Milan Info Lab Days
fully booked
Taiwan Kaohsiung FULLY BOOKED
17.10. - 19.10.2022 Spain Majorca Info Lab Days
07.11. - 10.11.2022 Chile Santiago Info Lab Days
03.12.-05.12.2022 South Africa Onderstepoort Info Lab Days
Israel Tel Aviv Info Lab Days
29.03.-01.04.2023 Thailand Bangkok Info Lab Days
2nd quarter 2023 Croatia Zagreb Info Lab Days
28.04.-30.04.2023 Singapore Singapore Info Lab Days
15.06.-17.06.2023 Norway (alternatively Sweden) Location to be confirmed Info Lab Days
Registration possible approx. Oct. 2022
Austria Vienna Info ULG
05.10.-07.10.2023 France Location to be confirmed Info Lab Days
09.10.- 11.10.2023 Spain Majorca Info Lab Days
27.11.-30.11.2023 Australia Location to be confirmed Info Lab Days


practical part: slots are offered
Date Country Location Registration
Varios time slots
written part: last week of each month
All countries Home CCRP Exams - online
Presence exam All parts all locations offered CCRP Exams - presence

CCMT - Certified Canine Manual Therapist

Date Country Location Registration
14.05.-15.05.2022 UK Location to be confirmed Info Lab Days
02.06.-03.06.2022 Romania Location to be confirmed Info Lab Days
13.10.-14.10.2022 Taiwan Kaohsiung Info Lab Days
12.10.- 13.10.2023 Spain Majorca Info Lab Days

CSMP - Certified Small Animal Myofascial Practitioner

Date Country Location Registration
15.08.-16.08.2022 UK Location to be confirmed Info Lab Days
20.10.- 21.10.2022 Spain Majorca Info Lab Days
02.12.-03.12.2022 South Africa Onderstepoort Info Lab Days
24.03.-25.03.2023 Germany Location to be confirmed Info Lab Days

CERP - Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner

CERP General Course Details

Presence days

Date Country Location Registration
05.09.-08.09.2022 Germany (alternatively: NL or CH) Location to be confirmed Info Lab Days
29.11.-02.12.2022 South Africa Location to be confirmed Info Lab Days
24.08.-27.08.2023 UK Location to be confirmed Info Lab Days
22.05-25.05.2023 Scandinavia Location to be confirmed Info Lab Days

VMPT - Veterinärmedizinische Physiotherapeuten (Course Language: GERMAN)

VMPT - Checkliste

Präsenztage Kurs 2021/2022

Modul-Nr. / Datum Land Ort Registrierung
I: 10.09.-12.09.2021 Deutschland Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
II: 03.11.-06.11.2021 Deutschland Frankfurt
III: 09.03.-12.03.2022 Deutschland Raum Aschaffenburg/Frankfurt
IV: 27.04.-30.04.2022 Deutschland Raum Aschaffenburg/Frankfurt

Abschlussprüfung Kurs 2021/2022

Datum Land Ort Registrierung
01.09.2022 Deutschland Raum Aschaffenburg/Frankfurt fully booked

Präsenztage Kurs 2022/2023

Modul-Nr. / Datum Land Ort Registrierung
I: 29.06.2022 Online Zoom Meeting
II: 22.07.-24.07.2022 Deutschland Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
III: ab 01.08.2022 Online E-Learning Lernplattform LMS-VAHL
IV: 06.10.-08.10.2022 Deutschland VAHL Kompetenzzentrum Frankfurt
V: ab 15.10.2022 Online E-Learning Lernplattform LMS-VAHL
VI: ab 01.01.2023 Online E-Learning Lernplattform LMS-VAHL
VII: 09.03.-11.03.2023 Deutschland VAHL Kompetenzzentrum Frankfurt
VIII: 40 h Externship
zwischen 12.03.2023 und 15.04.2023
Weltweit Frei vereinbar
IX: Eigener Fallbericht zwischen 15.04. und 07.06.2023 Weltweit z.B. bei Arbeitgeber

Abschlussprüfung Kurs 2022/2023

Datum Land Ort Registrierung
X: 20.07. und 21.07.2023 Deutschland VAHL Kompetenzzentrum Frankfurt VMPT Anmeldung 2022/23 - Module I-VII sowie Abschlussprüfung



Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Date Country Location Registration
29.09.-01.10.2022 Croatia Pula ECVSMR Scientific Meeting 2022  


Free VAHL Webinars

Date Time Topic Registration
16:30 hours (4:30 PM) CET
approx. 60 min
Small Animal Webinar:
Hip Dysplasia
Speaker: Darryl Millis
Registration via email (LIVE and record)
11.02.2022-04.03.2022 11:00 hours (11:00 AM) CET
approx. 50 min
Small Animal Webinar:
Advanced Coaptation for Companion Animals
Speakers: Denis Marcellin-Little and David Levine
Registration via email (Just its record)
01.02.2022-17.02.2022 11:00 hours (11:00 AM) CET
approx. 40 min
Small Animal Webinar:
Veterinary Nurses and their role in Post-Surgery Rehabilitation
Speaker: Tracey Jones
Registration via email (Just its record)
28.01.2022-24.02.2022 11:00 hours (11:00 AM) CET
approx. 40 min
Small Animal Webinar (in German):
Ischiadicuspathologie bei der Katze
Speaker: Lena Gloning
Registration via email (Just its record)
21.01.2022-24.02.2022 11:00 hours (11:00 AM) CET
approx. 50 min
Small Animal Webinar:
An integrative approach to diagnosing and treating myofascial pain in dogs
Speaker: Michele Broadhurst
Registration via email (Just its record)
17.12.2021-17.02.2022 11:00 hours (11:00 AM) CET
approx. 60 min
Equine Webinar::
The use of data analysis and performance dignostics in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation
Speaker: Claudine Anen
Registration via email (Just its record)
see link see link Small animals, horses Webinars (mostly fee-based) by provider "Onlinepethealth"


Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Date Country Location Registration
At any time Your country Your choice E-Learning courses (University Tennessee / Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning)


January 2022

Our live-webinars are going to start again on January 18th, 2022!

December 2021

The VAHL team wishes you a happy new year!

Christmas Special

The month of December is not only in the sign of Christmas, but in our latitudes also of wet-cold weather, which can greatly aggravate the symptoms in our four-legged friends suffering from osteoarthritis.
This inspired us to put this year's Christmas campaign under the moto Pain Management.

Visit our store, get the free webinar:
"First Insight: Why pain management and rehab" to get in the mood for pain management and rehab and benefit from a 20% discount on product packages marked with a Christmas tree during the period December 06-20, 2021 while stocks last.

Receive a 10% discount on courses during this period as well!

To the Christmas Special >>

The VAHL team wishes you a wonderful Advent season!

November 2021


Registration for the VMPT course 2022/2023 is open. Please note: The course is in German language.
Dates, program and registration in shop.

Oktober 2021


The new dates for our CPD courses CCRP/CERP/CCMT in 2022/2023 are available. Just check out below!
New dates and registration form

September 2021

VAHL Webinar SUMMER BREAK is over

We start on Tuesday, Sept. 14th with an equine webinar. Link to our webinar section
The recording of our VAHL Symposium on Radiofrequency will be online from Sept 17th on. Those veterinarians/vet students who would like to watch the recording, may order the recording in our shop
Registration: recording of VAHL Symposium

July/August 2021

Symposium of VAHL in cooperation with INDIBA® Animal Health on Radiofrequency therapy (in German language)

SAFE THE DATE: Sept 8, 2021 Register here

Language: German


Take the chance of telling us your favorite webinars to be displayed again - we try to make them available as usual on Fridays
Mail us your webinar wish

June 2021

Online World Congress "Mundo á parte" - Congresso Mundial de Fisioterapia em pequenos animais

Talks can be accessed in the period from June 25 to August 22, 2021
You already "met" some of the speakers via VAHL: Overview speakers and registration

Language: various languages, e.g. Spanish, Portuguese; some lectures in English with Spanish/Portuguese subtitles.
Cost: (depending on package): between approx. 30 and 75 €

Symposium of VAHL in cooperation with Boehringer Ingelheim Nordic on Rehab and Multimodal Pain Approach

SAFE THE DATE: June 9, 2021 Register here

Language: English

Win a CCRP place competition - VAHL UK

The Winner of the full CCRP course is SAMANTHA BELL, congratulations! Read more

Don't miss to follow her career steps!

March 2021

Online Course (Horse) by Dr. Sue Dyson: "Recognizing the 24 behaviors indicating pain in the ridden horse"24 behaviors

We are happy to announce, that our VAHL community is receiving a 30% discount on this fantastic online course.

Valid from March until 30 April 2021; promotion code:VAHLEQ.

What if your horse could tell you what’s wrong with him? Well maybe he can! How to Recognize the 24 Behaviors indicating Pain in the Ridden Horse gives you the tools to understanding what your horse is telling you through his facial expressions and whole body behaviors. World-renowned veterinarian and researcher, Dr Sue Dyson shows you how it is possible to determine the presence of musculoskeletal pain in ridden horses by facial expressions or other aspects of behavior.
This program has been approved for 5 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval.

February 2021

Have a look at our new umbrella website:

Don't miss our 20 Euro voucher towards most of our products, for sending us your feedback on our new website until the 31st of March, 2021.

Valid until 31 March, 2021.

Januar 2021

Happy New Year 2021

The Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL) wishes to all of you a happy and prosperous new year!

We are going to start our lectures/webinars on 20 January, 2021 with theLasertherapie Symposium (in German language). We invite all veterinarians and students of veterinary medicine to participate! Credits: 4 ATF hours.

Our VAHL Webinars are going to start on 26 January, 2021, with a challenging chiropractic topic. Our speaker is Dr. Kathleen Wittek. We are looking forward to meeting you via zoom on Tuesday 26 January!

December 2020

Christmas holidays

The Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL) wishes you merry Christmas!

Weiterlesen: über den VAHL Geburtstag und die Teilnahme an der Verlosung

During Christmas holidays from Dec 24th 2020 - Jan 4th 2021 we are only reachable to a limited extend, thank you for your understanding!
The last VAHL Webinar in this year is going to take place on December 22nd.

November 2020

VAHL Webinar Jubilee Contest - Winners:

On occasion of the VAHL Webinar Jubilee (50 VAHL webinars) the participants had the chance of winning one out of three vouchers - value 100 € each, alternatively a set of Calinobio (12x22cm + 20x30cm).
Our lucky fairy was Concetta Stegmann:
The lucky winners are (in order of drawing):

  • Tanja Balbaschewski
  • Stefanie Haas
  • Nina Gomez-Zehenter

Note: It is not possible to pay out the benefits in cash. There is no right to appeal.

VAHL 20 years

The Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL) - former Schloss-Seminare - celebrates its 20th anniversary. 

Read more about the anniversary and participation in the PRIZE DRAW

September 2020

VAHL Award 2020 - Winners

The Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL) proudly announces the winners of the VAHL Award 2020 - for the best promising research project of a resident of the ECVSMR: Anna Mokry and Diane Grosjean!

VAHL Award Winner (Equine) Anna Mokry :
Research Project:  Changes in back musculature after neuromuscular electrical stimulation and infrared therapy in warmblood horses – a blinded and placebo-controlled study

Download abstract

VAHL Award Winner (Small Animal) Diane Grosjean :
Research Project:  Canine flexion test: feasibility and reliability study on healthy and lame dogs

Download abstract

April 2020

Free VAHL Webinars

Since 21 April 2020 we are offering VAHL webinars, which are - during the Corona Pandemic - free of charge. Learn more about weekly topic via our VAHL Newsletter! Any type of recording is not permitted!

Registration via email

Our VBS-Webshop is online!

Come, visit and take advantage of our launch offers until April 19, 2020: >>



In these challenging times, we are pleased to present the first VAHL Research Award!

The Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL) offers this award for the best promising research project of a resident of the ECVSMR. Applications are welcomed in the field of small animals and equines, and the award recipients in each category will personally receive 250.-€.


  • Addressed group: Residents of the ECVSMR
  • Submissions must be in the form of an abstract of no more than 500 words. It should contain the scientific background of the project, the aims, hypotheses and methods.
  • Deadline for submission: June 30, 2020
  • Selection will be done by the Executive Board of the ECVSMR
  • Submit your abstract via

March 2020

Note: Due to the Corona Pandemic we might have to postpone some of our courses and exam dates!

We keep you updated (Newsletter etc.)! Please send us an email in case of urgent requests >>

January 2020


Our next congress in Cambridge will take place on Saturday, 22 August 2020, directly after the IAVRPT Congress. The AGM will be held on 21 August.We would like to give you the following information in advance. The theme of the meeting is: Tendinopathies in horses, dogs and humans - lessons learned when crossing species boundaries Top speakers from the respective specialties will share their expertise and there will be ample opportunity to discuss issues common in these species but also differences in pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. We are convinced that this combined approach will be highly interesting and will encourage many IAVRPT attendees to get familiar with our college and our expertise. Please check our homepage for more information.>>

IVCA CPD approval for CERP course with presence days in UK, Hampshire

IVCA approve this courses for 30 CPD toward general part of the CE requirements of the IVCA.>>

VBS GmbH is silver sponsor of the IAVRPT 2020 conference

- 19th-21st August 2020 in Cambridge, UK - and will be part of the breakfast meeting session! More information are going to follow soon! Click here to get to the program >>

VBS GmbH wishes everybody a very happy, prosperous and health year 2020!

December 2019

VBS GmbH updated long version of its name:
from "VBS VetVerlag, Buchhandel und Seminar GmbH" to "VBS VetVerlag, Beratung und Seminar GmbH"

September 2019

Section Dates/News

New dates online for the following programs: CCRP >> / CERP >> / VMPT >> 

Official launch of the new standard work "Essential Facts of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine" in Ghent was great success!

Thanks to all participants! You contributed to make this event an unforgettable one! Read more >>


new job offers/requests available in section vacancies!

July 2019

Invitation to the official launch of the book "Essential Facts of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in Companion Animals"

Book Launch Ceremony in Gravensteen Castle, in Ghent, Belgium

Prior to the start of the VEPRA/ESCVSMR Conference, 19th September 2019

Come and celebrate with us, the main authors and many co-authors of this extraordinary teaching book. It quickly became the new benchmark in the field of physical medicine, rehabilitation and sportsmedicine in companion animals.

In order to allow us to organize this event in detail - it is free of charge for you -, we kindly ask you to send your registration and secure your space! Please contact us at one of the following addresses: info[at] / beate.egner[at]

Please download your invitation: DOWNLOAD