Data privacy statement of the VBS GmbH

Our data processing principles

Which visitor data are stored on your server systems?
As a visitor to our web sites, your declare that you are agreed with our acquiring and processing of your data in the way that is explained below.
If you want no more than view our web pages, there is no need for you to enter any personal data. For statistical purposes, our systems acquire and store just some general information generated by you as you go without specific reference to your strictly personal particulars. The data aquired include information such as your browser type and its version, your operating system, your IP address and date and time of your visit, the web address that led you to your web site and web sites called via our pages. It would cause us great efforts to establish a relationship between such data and the visitor's person which would in most cases fail and only work in rare cases where static IP-addresses are used by the visitor. We declare that we refrain from such efforts. Our statistics rely on anonymised data without any reference to you as a person.

Data security

The acquisition of these data and the storage in log files is indispensable for the functioning of our websites. These data are not stored permanently or otherwise anomised by deleting part of the IP number. Cookies are used on our websites where required. If a visitor (or user) calls a website address, a small text file called cookie will be stored on the computer of the visitor. This cookie contains a unique data string that allows the identification of the visiting computer when another request is sent by the user to our server system. The user can however delete all cookies from his system by using the setup features of his browser system.

Personal data privacy
The VBS GmbH uses SSL encryption for all user input forms. Emails are received using TLS/SSL and sent with STARTTLS encryption.
The user (visitor) bears a significant part of responsibility for his own privacy by making the appropriate setup of his computer and software systems to use the mentioned encryption technologies and by implementing the usual security routines against virus attacks and security leaks (by keeping his software and system up-to-date).
The VBS GmbH assumes no responsibility for failure of others to implement and observe the mentioned technologies and security rules.

You can contact us via the indicated e-mail addresses or contact forms. The entry of personal data is of course voluntary. Your personal data transferred to VBS GmbH are used for the purpose of dealing with your request unless you have given your consent to uses beyond this sole purpose.

Opt-Out of newsletters
There is a link in each newsletter that enables you to opt out. Just click to let us know.

When the user clicks on the links offered on the pages of the VBS GmbH and in this way leaves the pages of the VBS GmbH, the VBS GmbH assumes no liability for the observance of laws an regulations by the operator or owner of the link targets.

Contact forms
You are requested to give your consent to our data processing operations before sending a filled form by clicking the related check box and reading these privacy statements.
The following personal data can be stored via contact forms:

  • your name
  • your email address
  • your message text
  • your customer number (if any)
  • your telefone number (only if you want to be called)
Your data collected in this procedure will not be given to third party. The data are only used for dealing with your request.
Any other data acquired and processed during the form sending procedure are only used to prevent misuse of the contact form and maintain the security of our data processing systems.
As soon as your request has been dealt with conclusively, the data acquired via the contact form are deleted unless we are obliged by law to keep these data stored.

Consent to newsletter follow-ups from previous and prospective customers
If you have not given your consent to us sending you newsletters via registration on our web pages or direct contact, we are obliged by law to ask for your active consent in a once-only preliminary email message. This email contains a link leading you to our web page where you can give your consent by an active mouse click on this page.
If you choose not to click this link, we promise to delete your personal data within 14 days from our list and you will nor receive further inquiries from us in this matter.

Newsletters to customers and visitors following registration via our web pages
If you express your interest in or buy our products and services via our web site and register your email address on this occasion, you thereby give us your consent to sending you newsletters subsequently which contain direct promotional information on products and service of the VBS GmbH.
In this connexion, our processing your data for newsletters does not include any forwarding of your personal particulars to others for commercial purposes of third party. Your data are only used for the VBS newsletter from us.
Your data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required for the sending of our newsletters. Your email address will only be stored as long as your consent to our newsletter is valid.